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Rally de los Faraones: Helder Rodrigues, Campeón del Mundo, un premio al esfuerzo

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El Rally de Faraones no fue fácil para el Helder Rodrigues, que con su segundo lugar en la carrera se convierte en el primer portugués en ganar el campeonato mundial. “Afronté la carrera con la presión sicológica de saber que no tenía derecho a cometer ningún error, pensando en correr rápido y a la vez controlar el rendimiento del motor, cuidando la mecánica y luchando por los primeros lugares,” declara Rodrigues en la llegada del rally de Egipto, a los pies de las Pirámides.

Los kilómetros adquiridos en 2011 son cruciales para esta victoria. Después de su tercer puesto en el Dakar 2010, el portugués participó en el Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, obtuvo la victoria del Rally de Túnez, estuvo en Cerdeña Rally Race, fue parte del equipo de su país en los Six Days en Finlandia  y dos fechas del Campeonato Mundial de Enduro antes de llegar a Pharaons Rally.

Una victoria en el Dakar es su sueño. “Creo que aún no tengo las condiciones para ganar la carrera. A diferencia de otros pilotos profesionales no tengo suficiente apoyo de auspiciadores o una marca. Me he preparado para tener las condiciones físicas, las ganas están, pero me falta una estructura,” confiesa el portugués.

Sin embargo, su entrenamiento de cara al rally entre Argentina, Chile y Perú no se acaba. El piloto continuará su preparación en el Rally de Marruecos y Merzouga Rally antes de embarcar su máquina rumbo a América del Sur.

Fuente: Rally de los Faraones | Marilyn Urtubia
Fotos: ©Cristiano Barni – ©Pep Segales

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Rally de los Faraones: Vespas

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Nadie creía en ellos, pero osaron a lanzarse. Lo decidieron y sin mucho tiempo comenzaron a buscar apoyo para esta “locura”. Golpearon la puerta de muchos auspiciadores y al comienzo veían su aventura en grande: pidieron 6 Vespas 2011 a Piaggio, pero la compañía italiana no creyó en el proyecto.

Sin embargo, esta primera decepción no los detuvo. Compraron dos motos y siguieron la búsqueda para poder financiar la modificación del chasis y otros pequeños detalles que les ayudarían a cruzar el desierto. Encontraron principalmente auspiciadores técnicos que proveyeron piezas y otros materiales, e incluso la marca” Playboy” ofrecerá una gran fiesta en Milano en su honor si terminan la carrera.

“Nos dijeron que estábamos locos, pero encontramos el apoyo de Virgin Radio, de proveedores de material técnico y otros amigos que nos han ayudado para estar aquí,” cuenta Reve Nutini en el bivouac de la tercera etapa de Faraones, en pleno Desierto Blanco.

El desafío mecánico para las máquinas es complicado. “El motor de una Vespa es muy bajo. En caminos sólidos no hay problemas. El motor puesto cerca de la rueda trasera, por lo que si la arena es blanda, el motor se hunde y se pierde toda la potencia. Nada fácil, pero intentaremos llegar al final,” confiesa Reve Nutini a tres etapas del fin de la carrera.

Fuente: Marilyn Urtubia | Rally de los Faroanoes

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Pharaons Rally: Day 4, Playing with Protos

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It’s no metaphor, we really were riding on a sea of sand. Saeed Al Hameli pressed his nose up against the windscreen to get the best view and as we touch 120km/h the Dually’s engine bogs a little, the horizon of a long pinkish outcrop fades from view and then it’s just sand and sky… and when we gently bottom out in the small valley between the crests the small ripples shudder the truck just like it’s a ship hitting a trough. Saeed is also a part-time fisherman and he says. “These are about 15 foot swells. If it was the sea it would be a bit rough!”

A few locals had followed the leading bikers to a 5 metre high drop-off and so marked a warning to the riders that something interesting was just beyond. We parked up watched the mid-field bikes slither through and then it was the famous blue buggy sliding to a momentary stop before Jean-Louis Schlesser eased it over and blasted off with a wide powerslide around the outside of one of the quads. A few more bikes trickled by before a deep rumble preceded Boris Gadasin
appearing at the top and he launched off to hit the ground with a thump and splash of sand. Then it was Jun Mitsuhashi in his T2 Toyota and G-Force’s Vladimir Vasiliev together and they wound away off through the small dunes side by side…

Back at camp many of the drivers didn’t think that the stage was so hard. The circular 339km route looped out from the bivouac into the scorched wasteland across flowing dunes, up the back of a plateau and then straight off the end of it. “Sometimes I caught a glimpse when I could look away from the road,” said stage-winner Jean-Louis Schlesser, “And the views were spectacular. Just a second here and there, or when we came to the edge of a ridge and you could see out to the horizon. I really enjoyed it. But the stage itself with such high speeds was a real challenge for the mechanics of the car… trying to keep the temperatures of the oil and water down while keeping flat out for such long stretches is a real challenge.”

Second again was the perpetually happy and relaxed Jun Mitsuhashi in his large Toyota Land Cruiser. “It was fast!” he smiled. “All the time with just my right foot down… and today was good! I was expecting the two G-Force Protos to catch me really quickly, but actually they were a bit late! First it was Gadasin to go by but he went a little off the route and I took the straight way and got in front again and then Vasiliev caught up and we were all running together. Playing with the Protos was great. But then Gadasin got a puncture and the other one was a little off the middle line and flew off a dune, and I mean flew! But he broke the front of his car when he landed and from then on we just went to the finish. It was a very nice day!”

And what about G-Force. “Just some more bad luck like every day,” Boris shrugged disconsolately as it wasn’t just a puncture that slowed him down, today he really lost his cool… literally… as his cool-suit sprang a leak… and Freon gas is rather hard to find in the middle of the desert. But it was his car that was showing the effects of the day rather than him as it was listing sadly to the side. “There are lines of these small little dunes,” he said. “They’re only about
60cm high, but are really hard to see… and we hit one fast. It’s like driving into a small wall at 150km/h and the impact broke a suspension strut…” And Vasiliev? Again Boris sighed. “He landed really hard and awkwardly on one wheel after a jump and broke the front suspension assembly. The right side today, yesterday it was the left!” And the truck? “Sergei (Kislev) and Alexi (Ivanov) were up all night fixing the hydraulic clutch and making new engine mounts, but at
the moment they are still in the stage and we don’t have contact with them…”

5th today and 4th overall is Vadym Nesterchuk in the Sixt Ukraine Mitsibishi, but it was far from easy. “We lost the power steering fluid so it was so hard to drive the car,” he said. To keep going we had to improvise by filling the tank with engine oil instead… but it didn’t last so long. But we made it, and now we are getting ready for tomorrow.”

Coming home 3rd today was the cheerful and friendly Costel Casuneau, who I again found stretched out on his mattress in the shade. “Today was fast,” he said, “And we spent a lot of time on the limiter at 160kp/h. But we almost crashed again… this time into Vasiliev because our Sentinel didn’t work. We saw a couple of guys in racing suits sitting on top of a dune and so moved a little to the side just in case… and if we hadn’t… well…” The Mitsibishi’s mechanics were as relaxed as Costel and seemed to be sleeping under the car. “No,” he smiled. “They are just checking the carbon-ceramic clutch for tomorrow. It’s very sensitive and if you are rough with it, you can burn it out in a minute… but we’ll take the dunes easily as at this stage in the race it’s more important to finish.”

Another team dreaming about finishing are the Egyptian Rahhala team. We waited a while at our vantage point in the dunes but they didn’t appear. “The turbine for the engine air-cooling system failed,”  Tarek El Erian explained in the bivouac. “We tried to carry on a bit further, but no! It’s a pity as we were going nice and steady, no one was overtaking us and the stage was actually quite easy, apart from the speed of it, so we are a little sad not to finish. But everything is fixed and we’ll be at the start tomorrow!”

And quite a few had something to say about tomorrow’s stage. I overheard people in the press centre calling it the Big One. At’s 444km it’s the longest, hardest and most specific of the event, full of intricate dunes with changing sands where experience will pay…

Day 4 Overall

1.Jean-Louis Schlesser Schlesser Original Buggy 15.15.54
2.Jun Mitsuhashi Toyota Land Cruiser                  16.38.58
3.Boris Gadasin G-Force Proto                             17.04.35
4.Vadym Nesterchuk Mitsibishi L200                    17.47.06
5.Costel Casueneau  Mitsibishi MPR13                 20.37.03

Fuente: Robb Pritchard

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Rally de los Faraones: Coma y Schlesser aumentan su ventaja

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La tercera etapa del Rally de los Faraones ha servido a Marc Coma para incrementar su ventaja al frente de la clasificación general al anotarse el mejor tiempo del día con poco más de tres horas y seis minutos. A diez minutos y quince segundos llegaba Jordi Viladoms y tres minutos y dos segundos más tarde lo hacía el vencedor de la etapa de ayer, el portugués Helder Rodrigues.

La gran variedad de terrenos en la corta etapa han marcado el trascurrir de la especial con 310 kilómetros de los cuales 286 contra el crono. Los primeros kilómetros eran de terreno pedregoso seguidos de una zona desértica para acabar con pistas muy rápidas, donde Jakub Przygonski (KTM) o Helder Rodrigues (Yahama) no han podido más que reconocer la superioridad del de Avià, “Ha sido imposible seguir el ritmo de Marc”. Quien parece vivir un mal sueño es Chaleco López, si el primer día se rompió el embrague, hoy le ha tocado sufrir una rotura de carter, al chileno no le queda más remedio que tomarse las cosas con filosofía y volver a salir mañana para ir haciendo kilómetros en su regreso a la competición.

Uno de los equipos más curiosos del Faraones es el formado por dos Vespas que todavía siguen en carrera pese a sufrir mucho en las arenas del Desierto egipcio. Los dos scooters aguantan el tipo en las zonas duras pero la arena se les atraganta.

En lo referente a los coches, nueva victoria del piloto de Niza, Jean-Louis Schlesser que suma y sigue en su lucha contra los G-force aunque el que se bate el cobre por el segundo puesto es Jun Mitsuhashi con el Toyota HDJ200 T2 de Autobody ya que los coches rusos no ganan para sustos, las enganchadas en la arena y las averías mecánicas están haciendo mella en Gadasin y Vasiliev. Vasiliev ha roto la suspensión delantera y Boris Gadasin ha sufrido las consecuencias del fesh fesh al quedar atascado durante un buen rato.

Clasificación General motos
1º Coma (KTM) 12h34’34
2º Rodrigues (Yamaha) 12’38
3º Viladoms (Yamaha) 14’42
4º Przygonski (KTM) 19’45
5º Czachor (KTM) 1h09’55

Clasificación General coches
1.Jean-Louis Schlesser Schlesser Original Buggy 12.16.14
2.Jun Mitsuhashi Toyota Land Cruiser                  13.28.02
3.Boris Gadasin G-Force Proto                              13.44.23
4.Vadym Nesterchuk Mitsibishi L200                    14.22.04
5.Costel Casueneau  Mitsibishi MPR13                 17.18.21

Fuente: Rallyraid.es | Pep Cifre | Powered by RRMG
Fotos: JVD, Robb Pritchard

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Rally de los Faraones: “Chaleco” López probó suspensiones en tercer día de Egipto y rompió el cárter

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Francisco López tomó el Rally de Egipto como plataforma de pruebas antes del próximo Dakar, en dos áreas básicamente: sumar kilómetros en carrera para recuperar la forma fisica, y chequear el desarrollo de la Aprilia rally light 2012.

En esa línea, enfrentó la tercera etapa de Tibniya a Sahl Bakara (310 km de especial) con la orden de equipo de testear las suspensiones de la moto, aprovechando el trazado accidentado.

Se mantuvo tercero hasta el kilómetro 285 –Marc Coma ganó la jornada, por delante de Jordi Viladoms y Helder Rodrigues–, pero en un salto que tomó a fondo para chequear el oscilante trasero, golpeó el cárter con una roca y perdió todo el aceite.

“Ahí se acabó la etapa. El motor quedó seco en minutos, lo apagué y llamé a la asistencia. Estamos probando, cambiando piezas de la moto cada día para ver qué funciona y qué no, pero igual me dio un poco de rabia… Me cuesta correr sin metas, soy un piloto competitivo”, explicó “Chaleco”.

En el campamento base, los mecánicos de Aprilia concluyeron que la suspensión estaba muy blanda para esa zona pedregosa y con desniveles profundos. Mañana probarán suspensiones semiblandas y un motor nuevo modelo 2011.

“Están chequendo todas las fórmulas. Me dicen que al Dakar quieren llevar sólo tres tipos de suspensiones, tres mapas de inyección electrónica y dos motores alternativos. Es la pega de ellos, yo sigo órdenes y voy recuperando mi ritmo”, dijo el chileno.

Mañana jueves, la cuarta etapa será de 310 kilómetros cronometrados hasta Sahl Bakara.

Fuente: Comunicado de Prensa Francisco “Chaleco” López

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Pharaons Rally: Day2, The Master’s Move

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Some people, like VIPs for example, stay in a 5* hotel down the road, some who feel like they’re on an expedition sleep in tents huddled around a service truck and others like homeless in a railway station doss on the press centre floor… But for those with a real desert spirit there’s only one place to sleep and that’s under the stars… more specifically for me in the flatbed of Saeed’s Dually. The southern wind whistled and whined all night and had a breath of loneliness about it… as though the desert wind knows nothing but emptiness…

Still with the warnings of the severity of today’s routes in their minds I watched the drivers and riders stagger over the uneven floor trying not to drop their breakfast plates. No one knew exactly what was coming… in rally raid there are no days of preparing pace notes beforehand, everything is driven blind… but by the sombre atmosphere it was obvious that most were pensive about the coming stage.

Just after dawn we drove a few km over the flat stony landscape from the start and waited for the first cars. Vladimir Vasiliev was first into the stage doing the job that even Grand-Master Schlesser called hard, and he was obviously taking it easy. He feathered the throttle before the small jumps and didn’t get sideways in the corners. Jean Louis Schlesser started 2 minutes behind and also took the corners steadily but was more aggressive on the throttle, his engine note sounding predatory… he was hunting Vasiliev… and thought that the Russian was easy prey… Gadasin stormed by with a full compliment of 8 cylinders after the G-Force mechanics changed the plugs and leads but noticeably fastest of all was Jun Mitsuhashi in the T2 Land Cruiser. He was the only one out of the whole field who got airborne.

Now, put me next to a rally driver in a bucket seat, a 5-point harness, helmet and inside a roll cage and I am more than happy… looking out of the side window at the road ahead because Saeed is powersliding on a sandy road at 140km/h in a 4.5 ton, 6 meter long truck with a 20kg fridge next to me and a Danish cookie tin sliding menacingly across the dashboard was enough to terrify me! But Enshallah we made it to CP2 and drove off into the desert to a stunningly beautiful valley where the folds and creases of small dunes were dusted with white sand… It was the blue buggy that came over the far, high ridge first, appearing on top of one dune and then dipping out of sight as he crested one after another, like a small boat in a storm… and it was a long half an hour before any one else
came into sight… Back in camp Schlesser had some minutes (and a glass of Perrier) for me and explained his day. “Rule number one is that you never go first in the dunes if you can help it. So at first I followed Vasiliev but he went too slow, so then I overtook him and went like hell to try and loose him, but he stayed right with me… But of course it’s easier to follow, you can just watch the car in front and see how it goes over the top of a dune… you don’t need to be so cautious. It was like playing cat and mouse. And then he broke something and after that we took our own speed… although the last 90km were hard on the car.”

A few people didn’t expect to see G-Force’s Vasiliev at the top of the leaderboard today.. and he’s not… but not for the reasons some expected because even though he’s  self-confessed novice, he didn’t get lost, or stuck in the tricky dunes… to his credit he drove exceptionally well to keep up with a determined Schlesser, but after a hard landing a driveshaft failed and the time lost limping out to the service crew and waiting for them to fix it cost over an hour. Team
leader Boris Gadasin shadowed his team mate until he got to the mechanics and dropped 15 minutes because of it… and was only 30 minutes behind Schlesser at the end… and 3 minutes behind the amazing Jun Mitsuhashi… who now takes 2nd overall in his T2 Toyota.

If it was bad news for G-Force, today was a disaster for X-Raid. Miroslav Zapletal was supposed to be taking it easy… but instead his beautiful BMW X3 is a bent mess parked up in a corner of the camp, the mechanic, lying despondently under the garden-centre gazebo. Zapletal landed badly over one dune, got stuck and were immediately hit by a flying Costel Casuneanu in his Mitsibushi. Fortunately no one was hurt, but the BMW, which Zapletal was trying to drive carefully, is now a banana-shaped write-off…

The good natured Romanians have a different story for the insurance company though. “We’ll say that we were driving normally and then we found Zapetal going fast backwards at us!” Costel smiled. The front of the Mitsibushi doesn’t look so bad and they’ll continue tomorrow. “But at CP1 we were 4th, but after this we lost 2 ½ hours. The idea was to go behind Zapletal as he has more experience than us in the dunes… we’d just watch him… But not so closely…”

Also doing very well to come in 4th today and move up to 5th overall were the Sixt Ukraine Team in their bright orange Mitsibushi L200. “No big secret,” said one of the mechanics with a smile. “They just drove fast and drove the right way. We don’t understand why everyone can’t do that!” There are many people in the camp wondering the same thing. Lots of bent metal and a few people still out in the dark… and the organisers have started their warnings for tomorrow’s stage…

So the usurper has been denied and the king is back on his throne at the top of the leaderboard… but what will tomorrow bring?

1.Jean-Louis Schlesser Schlesser Original Buggy 9.17.46
2.Jun Mitsuhashi Toyota Land Cruiser                  10.05.07
3.Boris Gadasin G-Force Proto                              10.16.08
4.Vladimir Vasiliev G-Force Proto                        10.26.04
5.Vadym Nesterchuk Mitssibishi L200                 10.52.14

Fuente: Robb Pritchard

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Pharoans Rally: Day 1 by Robb Pritchard

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Of all the places in the world to start a motorsport event, having the Pyramids of Giza as the backdrop must surely be one of the most prestigious. In the soft early morning light they were a breath-taking sight and all the crews found a little place on the dusty plateau near the podium to take a team photo.

First to drive under the inflatable arch was legendary rally raider Jean-Louis Schlesser, as the the reigning champion and current FIA World Cup for Cross Country Bajas points leader Leonid Novisty is in Morocco with the X-Raid team preparing for the Dakar.

Behind the blue buggy were Miroslav Zapletal in an X-Raid BMW X3CC and Russian Boris Gadasin in his G-Force Proto both keen to carry on their rivalry from the last round in Hungary. There were no crowds of spectators though as access was very restricted, just a few bored looking camel-mounted policemen ambling around chasing away the cheeky postcard sellers.

I was with Saeed Al Hameli, who some might remember as the one-eyed wonder from the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge when he finished the first stage in 6th place… without a co-driver, and after a 300km blast through the desert east of Cairo in his massive Chevy Duelly we found an excellent view point near the finish. The wide valley was strewn with fearsomely sharp bits of shale and the steep hills either side needed a lot of careful negotiating. It was perhaps not too surprising to see Schlesser appear over the horizon first, a few sharp bursts of his 7 litre V8 ringing out over the still desert air and then a long time on full throttle as he blasted across the plain, pulling up a huge rooster tail of dust behind him. He wasn’t fastest today though.

Then there was a long wait for Zapetal and he was noticeably calmer across the valley, backing off over the jumps and struggling up the slope next to us because he didn’t have enough momentum… but there was a reason for that… “X-Raid are in Morocco,” Miroslav said back at camp. “All of X-Raid.” His team consists of a pick-up with a trailer and a mechanic… “So we need to take it very easy on the car.” Also, his co-driver Tomas Ourednicek has the flu. “It’s a disadvantage,” he explained. “I’m not so sharp and the track was constantly bumpy… and it was a 500km stage…”

The next car to come into view wasn’t a G-Force as we were expecting… it was a T2 Land Cruiser, but through our telephoto lenses we saw them pull over to fix a puncture, just 1 km from the finish. The driver was Japan’s Jun Mitsuhashi and he wasn’t too pleased with his day. “We were expecting more sand so we had the tyre pressures a bit low… and it was all rocks, so we had two punctures. And also, the last time I drove was in the Dakar 10 months ago so I am a bit out of practise… oh, and my seatbelt came loose, so it was hard to keep concentration… Tomorrow will be better.” Just then one of his team guys came in with the provisional results. “Fourth,” he shrugged. “Tomorrow I will be hoping for a better result.”

But he did beat Boris Gadasin. His monstrous 7 litre Corvette V8 dropped a couple of cylinders about 5km after the start and the loss of power cost them over 27 minutes. Back at camp Boris was understandably disconsolate but his new team mate Vladimir Vasiliev was in a better mood… he won the stage. “Everyone always tells me, drive slow on the first stage, so I did. I was just taking my time, I even stopped at service… just to say hello to the mechanics… But the stage wasn’t so hard. Tomorrow will be a lot of sand, a lot of dunes and we never raced there so we will just go there to learn.”

And Schlesser wasn’t too upset to be second. “It’s always hard to open a stage as you have no tracks to follow… well, you have the mess that the bike leave, but it’s not very helpful. A few times we had to turn around as the hill was very rocky and we didn’t know what was at the top, but tomorrow will be much harder,” he said with a smile. “So I don’t think that the result will be the same…”

But Valiliev’s stage victory wasn’t G-Force’s only moment of fame today. Their T4 truck stole the start show… by destroying the podium! It wouldn’t fit under the inflatable arch so some bright thinking official pointed them up onto the wooden ramp next to it… Team co-director Marina shrugged her shoulders and said, “You do what the officials tell you…” and the result was quite inevitable… and highly amusing. First one wheel snapped a plank and then the rest of
the 7 ton truck fell in and by the time they’d worked themselves out there was nothing but a pile of timbers left!

As I write this I am in the press centre in a huge Arabic style tent and the organisers are repeatedly telling everyone that tomorrow’s stage will be very hard and that crews won’t be allowed to start unless they have enough water on board. Schlesser has 30 seconds to pull back, which is a split second in rally-raid terms. I’ll be out with Saeed again somewhere in the dunes under this ancient sun and I’ll have some time to catch up with some heroes of the event… like those tackling the stages on a pair of Aprillia scooters…

1.Vladimir Vasiliev G-Force Proto 4′ 15. 52
2.Jean-Louis Schlesser Schlesser Original Buggy +30 secs
3.Miroslav Zapletal X-Raid BMW X3CC + 10′ 49
4.Jun Mitsuhashi Toyota Land Cruiser +18.27
5.Boris Gadasin G-Force Proto +27.49

Fuente: Robb Pritchard from Egypt

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Rally de los Faraones: “Chaleco” López abandonó primera etapa del Rally de Egipto por problemas en el embrague

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Francisco López debió abandonar la primera etapa del Rally Los Faraones de Egipto por problemas en el embriague de su moto Aprilia, cuando llevaba cubiertos 255 de 470 kilómetros totales entre El Cairo y Tibniya, y marchaba en segunda posición.
La primera jornada de la prueba fue ganada por el campeón vigente, el español Marc Coma, seguido del catalán Jordi Viladoms y el polaco Jakub Przygonsky.

“Chaleco” dijo haberse sentido “bien” en su regreso al Mundial de Rally Cross Country, “firme sobre la moto y tranquilo en las zonas más complicadas de la ruta”.

“En la primera especial iba metido entre los tres primeros, muy seguro, pero terminando el embriague empezó a quedarse y en el kilómetro 255 se quemó completo. El motor nuevo que estamos probando es muy potente, creo que no han buscado todavía el punto exacto de los discos para esta moto”, señaló.

Añadió que “mañana debería reenganchar para poder seguir entrenando, rodando, porque necesito sumar kilómetros en el desierto. Estoy buscando mayor más seguridad, más rodaje para ver si estamos en condiciones de ir al Dakar 2012”.
Finalmente, el piloto Aprilia desacó los buenos pasajes que alcanzó a tener en la jornada de estreno del Faraones 2011: “Al menos durante 250 kilómetros me sentí bien, y espero que mañana sea un mejor día. Mi ojbetivo no es competir por el podio en este rally, sino que reecontrarme con el ambiete de competencia y sumar horad de moto en mi apuesta para llegar al próximo Dakar”.

Rally Los Faraones de Egipto / Motos
1ª etapa / El Cairo-Tibniya / Especial: 470 km
1° M. Coma  ESP / KTM 450   4:05:28
2° J. Viladoms ESP / Yamaha 450  +3:55
3° J.Przygonsky POL / KTM 450  +4:5

Fuente: Comunicado de Prensa Francisco “Chaleco” López

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Rally de los Faraones: Marco Piana: “Una carrera que nos hace falta!”

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El Rally de los Faraones ha seducido a Marco Piana desde siempre. El italiano participó por primera vez en auto en 2001 y continuó su evolución en camión. Este año, el amante de aventuras todo terreno saca a la luz un proyecto personal donde es team manager. Su prioridad es encontrar el modo en que los pilotos amateurs puedan participar en carreras de rally raid a un precio abordable. El Rally de los Faraones será un escenario para ponerlo a prueba.

“Participar en una carrera del Campeonato del Mundo tiene un precio exorbitante. Mi idea es que el piloto amateur que sueña con correr en una de ellas pueda cumplirlo. Con un SSV, un piloto puede tener tantas sensaciones como tras el volante y por un presupuesto global accesible,” explica Piana, quien se lanza en este proyecto junto con Polaris.

Para dar vida a este concepto, es necesaria la presencia de un piloto experimentado. “Escogí a Thierry Magnaldi porque tiene un gran conocimiento en la disciplina, sabe pilotar y navegar. Además, sabe mantener la cabeza fría en todas las circunstancias. Antes de proponer el producto a otros clientes tenemos que probar su fiabilidad. Junto a Magnaldi realizamos el desarrollo necesario, él es capaz de entregarnos importantes informaciones para mejorar y seguir adelante,” reconoce el team manager.

Marco Piana y Thierry Magnaldi hicieron su primera aparición en el Silk Way Rally en julio. Su objetivo común se focaliza en el Dakar 2012. “En Rusia pudimos probar el SSV en terrenos difíciles y pistas rápidas. Lo que nos falta es ver cómo reacciona en las dunas. Por eso, el Rally de los Faraones no puede ser mejor: arena y muchas dunas para atravesar. Es exactamente lo que necesitamos,” asegura Piana, preparado para comenzar el desafío el próximo 1 de octubre.

Fuente: Marilyn Urtubia | Comunicado de Prensa Rally de los Faraones
Fotos: ©Judith Tomaselli

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Rally de los Faraones 2011 : Cada etapa un desafío

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El recorrido del Rally de los Faraones 2011 ofrece más de 2600 kilómetros de aventura. La carrera estará dividida en seis etapas y habrá solo 2 bivouac, lo que permitirá a los participantes evitar los cansadores enlaces.

A medida que el rally se acerca, la curiosidad aumenta. El creador de la ruta, Stephane Le Bail nos cuenta acerca del recorrido 2011: “No hay una etapa más sorprendente que otra, cada una es desafío diferente, siempre rodeado de paisajes remarcables…” asegura Le Bail.

Después de escuchar los equipos al final de la edición 2010, el organizador decidió crear una experiencia renovada e intensa, así es como nace el recorrido del Rally de los Faraones 2011. Primero, con el estudio de cartografía satelital y luego, con el equipo de reconocimiento en terreno para hacer el sueño realidad.

“El año pasado algunos pilotos dijeron que habían encontrado un poco “simple”, así que este año habrá sorpresas. La dificultad ira creciendo a medida que avanza la carrera y el punto cúspide será en el medio. Tendrán que cruzar dos cordones de dunas, así que la clasificación puede sufrir cambios inesperados,” dice Le Bail mientras confiesa que salir de las dunas tampoco fue fácil para él.

De acuerdo con el experto, este año los competidores verán de todo un poco. “Habrá etapas donde el pilotaje será primordial, otra para hacer brillar el talento de los navegadores y por supuesto pistas rápidas para los amantes de la velocidad, siempre en paisajes maravillosos, pero deben mantenerse concentrados hasta la meta.”

Antes que los participantes embarquen sus vehículos en Venecia con destino a Egipto, le pedimos a Stephane Le Bail un consejo para el Rally de los Faraones 2011. “No olviden sus placas y palas para salir de la arena, y siempre lleven mucha agua!” dice mientras sonríe.

Fuente: Marilyn Urtubia | Pharaons Rally 2011
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Rally Dakar 2012: Equipo de Tamarugal XC Honda Racing inicia etapa de reconocimiento del Dakar 2012

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El equipo chileno de Tamarugal XC Honda Racing Rally Team se presentó ayer en una concurrida Conferencia de Prensa realizada en el Restaurant Los Ganaderos de Vitacura donde se pudo compartir y disfrutar de los buenos resultados en Rally Dos Sertoes y las etapas que se vienen con miras hacia el Dakar 2012.
Una de las sorpresas fue el trofeo recibido en el reciente Rally Dos Sertoes en Brasil donde el equipo nacional ganó el título de Mejor Equipo Extranjero, galardón entregado por primera vez a un equipo chileno y donde destaca la participación de los pilotos nacionales,  entre ellos Daniel Gouet quien ocupó el 6º Lugar de la Clasificación General, el joven penquista nos cuenta que “por mi parte la participación estuvo muy buena, como equipo también anduvimos increíble, esta ha sido la mejor carrera internacional que he hecho asi que muy contento y espero que se sigan dando los resultados”
Este Domingo los Tamarugos parten en su etapa de reconocimiento de terreno de la zona chilena del Dakar 2012, pero de una manera muy diferente y con la intencion de acercarse mas a la gente a la vez de compartir sus experiencias, mostrar las motos y los camiones de asistencia a la familia del norte chileno y donde llegarán a Arica pasando por Vallenar, Alto del Carmen, Chañaral, Antofagasta e Iquique realizando estas etapas con charlas motivacionales y visitas benéficas para jóvenes en riesgo social. Segun el piloto Javier Campillay esta idea surgió de “Quisimos planificar este tour para lograr un afiatamiento del equipo que vamos a necesitar para el Dakar, en estos 14 dias que andaremos juntos vamos a realizar visitas solidarias además de 6 días de entrenamiento, pretendemos cubrir desde Vallenar hasta Arica, creemos que nos va a servir mucho, vamos a dormir en las mismas condiciones que el Dakar, condiciones bastante parecidas a lo que vamos a vivir en Enero”
El tour se realizará hasta el 14 de Septiembre donde el equipo podrá ver los últimos detalles para partir al Rally de Egipto, donde los pilotos Jaime y Felipe Prohens, Claudio Rodriguez, Daniel Gouet y Javier Campillay se prepararán en su última prueba antes de comenzar el esperado Dakar Argentina, Chile, Peru.
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